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History of the province's power industry

History of the province's power industry:

The history of the South Khorasan power plant dates back to 1336, when for the first time, the city of Birjand was supplied by a person called Quick Al-Sayr and with a Marshal-Two-cylinder generator. Thereafter, more generators were added and added, and diesel power stations were installed at various locations. Construction of the Khein gas power plant and transmission lines and 132 kV posts around 1365 to 1368 is a milestone in the history of the South Khorasan Electricity Industry. The construction of the 400 kV transmission line of Shadmehr - Gonabad - Qhaen and the 400 kV power station of ghaen in 1374 linked the province's electricity with the national network.

A brief summary of the supply of power in the cities of the province is to be found.

- Installing the Marshal Dosylinder in the year 1336 and supplying the city's mill, cotton and electric halls of the city
- Installation of a three-cylinder engine in 1336 and lighting lighting from 16 to 24 hours
- Installing a 112kW generator in 1338 and lighting the city from 16am until the next morning.
- Opening of 11kV network in 1342 by installing three posts at Abuzar Square, Imam Square and downtown
- Construction of the Diesel Power Plant in 1347 and commissioning in 1352 with the installation of two 500kW and 1000kW Oshkood Generators
- Installation of two 1500kW Mock Generators and two Strugger Machines of 3000kW in 1357.
- Installation of two 3000 kilowatts of Meriliss generator and one generator of 5000 kilowatts in 1364 and 1365
- Operation of 132 kV post and connection to South Khorasan power grid in 1992

- The city supplied about 1337 and 1338 by installing a 30 kW three-cylinder engine generator engine.
- Installation of a 60 kW oscillator engine in the years 1342 and 1343
- Electric power supply in the year 1347 by regional power of Khorasan
- Installation of diesel power plant in 1355
- Launch of gas power plant with 75 MW around 1365
- Operation of the 20/132 kV post in 1368
- Operation of a 400 kV post in 1999

- Supply of city lighting in 1350 by two generators of 50 and 100 kilowatts
- Construction of a diesel power plant in 1979 with two 300kW Storg generators
- Installing Blakstone Generator with 200kW power in 1361
- Installation of two units of U.M. 1000 and 500 kW in 1364 and 1365
- Setting up a 1500kW MAK generator in 1988
- Connection to South Khorasan power grid in 1379 with the use of 132 kV post

- Construction of a power plant at the current location of the Power Generation Authority in 1340
- Installation of three 100 kW oscillation generators and the construction of one kilometer of medium voltage line of 20 kW and installation of two air conditioner units in 1340.
- Increase of 140 kilowatt generators to power plant breeders
- Delivery of the facility to Ferdows Electricity Authority in 1360.

- Installation of a 25 kilowatt generator in 1327 by Mr. Afshar
- The installation of a 75-kilowatt Storg generator in 1335 by the municipality
- Installation of a 150 kilowatt generator in 1346.
- Installation of a 200 kilowatt Dwight Generator in September 1347 after the devastating earthquake of Ferdows
- Installation of a new diesel power plant in Islamiyah in 1353
- Establishment of Ferdows 132 kV line and post and its connection to the south network of Khorasan in 1992
The South Khorasan Power Distribution Company was separated from the corporation of Khorasan Electric Power Distribution Company by the end of 2000, and since the beginning of 1380, it started its activities covering the cities of Birjand, Qain, Ferdows, Tabas and Nehbandan with the center of Birjand. In the beginning of 1381, with the accession of Tabas city to Yazd province, the power station of Tabas also separated from this company and joined Yazd Electric Power Distribution Company.

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